Melisa Vong – Infinite Income On Amazon

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Melisa Vong – Infinite Income On Amazon

What you can learn from Melisa Vong – Infinite Income On Amazon?

In this course, you will learn how you can sell on Amazon from someone who’s started, scaled, & sold 2x multi-million dollar amazon brands. A proven process for building multi-million dollar Amazon brands that sell!

Melisa Vong is a serial Amazon entrepreneur and the founder of 2x multi-million dollar brands which she started from scratch, scaled, and then sold. Using what she now calls her “Prime Product Method”.

She went from working a 9-5 selling cars at a car dealership, to making $30,000 in her very first month on Amazon and quitting her job to pursue her new business full time the very next month! A single successful product on Amazon allowed her to quit her job and live the life of her dreams selling online.


In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Amazon FBA brand. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

  • Lesson #1: Welcome
  • Lesson #2: What Is Amazon FBA
  • Lesson #3: From Employee To Entrepreneur
  • Lesson #4: Top 10 Things To Know Before You Start
  • Lesson #4: The FBA FAQ
  • Lesson #5: Make A Plan & Profit
  • Lesson #6: Intro To PRIME Product Method
  • Lesson #8: The Truth About Startup Cash


In this module you’ll use Melisa’s best strategies to find products that have the highest possibility of success. You’ll finally know exactly what to sell on Amazon!

  • Lesson #1: Product Research 101
  • Lesson #2: Melisa’s PRIME Product Method
  • Lesson #3: Visualization Technique For Picking Products
  • Lesson #4: Competitor Research Done Right
  • Lesson #5: Social Media Training
  • Lesson #6: Products You Should Avoid
  • Lesson #7: Developing Your Customer Persona
  • Lesson #8: Validating Your Product
  • Lesson #9: The 10-Step “Right Product” Checklist
  • Lesson #10: Melisa’s Method In 10 Minutes Or Less


In this module you’ll learn Melisa’s entire multi-million dollar branding strategies. While other people struggle selling “copycat products”, you’ll have something totally unique.

  • Lesson #1: Why Million-Dollar Branding Matters
  • Lesson #2: Perfecting Your Customer Persona
  • Lesson #3: How To Name Your Brand & Products
  • Lesson #4: Low Budget Design Strategies Part 1
  • Lesson #5: Low Budget Design Strategies Part 2
  • Lesson #6: The Power Of Packaging
  • Lesson #7: Powerful Product Photography & Listing Images
  • Lesson #8: Product Photography Demo
  • Lesson #9: How To Create Unbeatable Perceived Value


This module will help you source reliable products and build a network of manufacturing allies to help you every step of the way. Now you won’t have to tackle your supply chain all alone!

  • Lesson #1: Meet Kian – The Supply Chain Master
  • Lesson #2: Starting Your Supply Chain Journey
  • Lesson #3: 10 Things To Look For In A Supplier
  • Lesson #4: The Right Way To Communicate With Suppliers
  • Lesson #5: Ordering Samples & Minimum Order Quantities
  • Lesson #6: Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • Lesson #7: Sourcing Agents, Trading Companies, 3PL
  • Lesson #8: Placing Your First Order