Peter Beattie – Video Turbo Store + All 4 OTO – Value $700

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Value: $700
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Your Videos Are Falling Victim To The `Video Death Gap’ Videos are always engaging, but they’ve got a big flaw.
The thing is, we all know that the easier you make it to take action. the more people will do it.
And you may think your videos make it really easy. Maybe the button is big and bold. Maybe the link is right below the player. Maybe it only takes a couple of seconds.
But however you do it, your prospect ALWAYS needs to stop watching your video to take that action… and as soon as they’ve clone that. they’ve fallen into the ‘Video Death Gap’.
That’s what top marketers call the couple of milliseconds between someone taking their attention away from your video and taking the action you want… Because it absolutely murders your conversions. See. most people who fall into the ‘video death gap’ never do take action. They get distracted. They leave. And they take the sales & commissions that should have been yours with them.
But I’m about to show you how one company completely obliterated the ‘Video Death Gap’. How they made it so I wasn’t just able to take action immediately… I was COMPELLED to.