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What you can learn from Short Story Collection – ArmaniTalks?

This is a collection of short stories to help you level up up your communication skills.

Word Play is a collection of 101 short stories, essays, and insights to help you improve your communication skills. This book discusses a wide range of topics to build a deeper perception of human dynamics so you can communicate with clarity, power & warmth. In Word Play, you will learn:

  • How to form allies and grow a network from the ground up.
  • The art of consistency and how to stay disciplined.
  • How to stop people-pleasing.
  • Fundamental truths regarding the field of dark psychology.
  • Social dynamics frameworks to deal with difficult personalities.
  • Mindset laws to handle doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear.
  • How to build a thick skin so you are more responsive rather than reactive.
  • The art of storytelling to communicate your message with impact.

Tough Love is a collection of 101 short stories, essays, and insights to improve communication skills. Knowledge which has the most practical value is not easy to learn. Because it challenges a lot of pre-existing paradigms. Therefore, Tough Love introduces the readers to knowledge that will lead to becoming a high valued member of society to create a long-lasting legacy. In Tough Love, You Will learn:

  • How to turn struggles into learning opportunities.
  • The art of engineering rituals to become a top performer.
  • Public speaking cheat codes to step up and deliver your ideas with conviction.
  • Storytelling concepts to turn lifeless information into magic.
  • How to overcome shyness & build a strong sense of humor.
  • Social skills principles to be more charming & break the ice with strangers.
  • How to deal with the subconscious mind to unlock the coveted abundance mindset.

Street Smarts is a collection of 101 short stories, essays, and insights to improve soft skills. The world is constantly changing, the ability to adapt is more important than ever. It is time to ditch old modes of thinking for new mental models that allow us to thrive in a complex world. In Street Smarts you will learn:

  • Public speaking strategies to dominate the stage.
  • Content creation frameworks to build a powerful brand.
  • Methods on how to deal with loneliness and feel whole.
  • How to unleash an attractive personality and form long-lasting connections.
  • Hacks to shatter analysis paralysis and take purposeful action.
  • Emotional intelligence techniques to thrive under pressure.
  • How to learn faster and more efficiently.

Limit Breaker is a collection of 101 short stories, essays, and insights to improve communication skills. In this book, you will gain the skill set of gargantuan thinking. The ability to think large allows you to become a high performer and deal better with people. Each story is geared to enhance your perception and break limiting beliefs. Soon, you will become a Limit Breaker, and shatter one goal at a time. In Limit Breaker, You Will Learn:

  • Energy management strategies to become fearless.
  • The ability to come back stronger after a breakup.
  • How to use digital tools to create leverage and amplify your presence.
  • Frameworks to build influence among others.
  • Methods to keep your ambition strong to achieve greatness.
  • Tactics to enhance creativity and become prolific in your field.
  • Hacks to make networking easier so others come to you.