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What we will get in Status Unleashed?

  • My 9-Step STATUS Blueprint – Ever wonder how Trump was able to secure the presidency and have business deals HANDED TO HIM on a silver platter, DESPITE going bankrupt multiple times? You’re about to find out 9 reasons why and how you can leverage them for yourself in 2017..
  • Automatic High-STATUS INSTALLATION – Tricks of the trade that guys like myself, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt have used for years now to making yourself MAGNETIC to more money, more sex, and stronger relationships.. (all with using nothing but yourself!)
  • The TRUTH about goal setting in 2017 – Why you current goals are keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of life, and a breakthrough system that works for YOU in an ever-changing reality, 10XING your results with women, money, and respect from the get go..
  • MODULE ONE: High Status Explained
  • MODULE TWO: High Status Vision
  • MODULE THREE: High Status Body Language
  • MODULE FOUR: High Status Eye Contact
  • MODELE FIVE: High Status Vocal Tonality
  • MODULE SIX: High Status Charisma
  • MODULE SEVEN: High Status State Control
  • MODULE EIGHT: High Status Presence
  • MODULE NINE: High Status Style