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Steven Kotler – Zero To Dangerous

What you can learn from Steven Kotler – Zero To Dangerous?

Helping professionals redefine their baseline and tap into peak performance, Use Flow States to Sharpen Your Focus, Triple Your Productivity, and Reach Your Goals in Record Time.

Zero-to-Dangerous helps you accomplish your wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space and freedom in your personal life.

How Does Zero to Dangerous Work?

ELEMENT 1 Daily Content & Exercises

Over eight weeks, you’ll master the world’s most cutting edge, science based strategies for achieving peak performance in business and life. Our framework will help you produce real results fast—freeing up time, reducing overwhelm and spending your entire workday in flow!

ELEMENT 2 Intimate Neuroscience Based Coaching

Over eight weeks, you’ll work one-on-one with one of our highly trained peak performance coaches, backed by our research team of expert-level psychologists and neuroscientists. All of our coaches are world leading experts and will push you to where you want to go—and far beyond.

We’ve combined the most powerful elements of executive coaching with scientific research and cutting edge digital delivery to produce a powerful solution. The real problem is not only huge, but it’s everything, everywhere, all the time:

  • The average knowledge worker is only productive for 2.3 hours per day
  • Every week, they spend half a day duplicating work they did the week before
  • They check their email 36 times per hour
  • They’re interrupted 56 times per day
  • They waste 36 hours in unnecessary meetings a month

And most devastating of all: the average knowledge worker is interrupted every 11 minutes (and it takes up to 23 minutes to get back into focus after a disruption). The modern workplace steals your attention and undermines your best intentions at every turn. But your attention is your access point to peak performance. In Zero-to-Dangerous, you’ll reclaim your attention and prioritize flow.

Course Content

Module 1: Finding Your North Star for Limitless Motivation

  • Day 1: Defining Dangerous
  • Day 2: Building A Dangerous Mindset
  • Day 3: Harnessing Your Strengths and Invisible Skills
  • Day 4: Motivation and Goals
  • Day 5: Unlocking Pristine Clarity
  • Day 6: Liberation Through Elimination
  • Day 7: Summary and Active Recovery: Visualization

Module 2: Becoming a Time Jedi for Super Fluid Work

  • Day 1: Redefining Productivity Through Leverage
  • Day 2: Asymmetric Warfare, Power Moves and Extreme Intentionality
  • Day 3: Shattering the Myth of Time
  • Day 4: The Myth of Rushing
  • Day 5: Liberation Through Simplification
  • Day 6: Calendar Worship and Time Tracking
  • Day 7: Summary and Recovery: Mind Wandering Cognitive Load Dump

Module 3: Stress Proofing, Burnout Immunity and Consistent Flow

  • Day 1: The Art of Burnout Proofing
  • Day 2: Becoming a Burnout Proof Executive Athlete
  • Day 3: Sleeping Your Way to Self Actualization
  • Day 4: The When of Peak Performance
  • Day 5: Mastering Your Autonomic Nervous System
  • Day 6: Adaptability, Antifragility and Post Traumatic Growth
  • Day 7: Summary and Active Recovery: Resonant Breathing

Module 4: Consistently Triggering Flow States

  • Day 1: Flow History, Flow Foundations, Flow Science and Flow Triggers
  • Day 2: The Flow Cycle (Struggle and Release)
  • Day 3: The Flow Cycle (Flow and Recovery)
  • Day 4: Internal Flow Triggers and Complete Concentration
  • Day 5: Cultivating Psychological Flow Triggers
  • Day 6: Driving Flow with Dopamine
  • Day 7: Summary and Active Recovery: Mindfulness Self-Talk

Module 5: Building Grit to Develop Monk Like Focus

  • Day 1: Forging Unstoppable Grit
  • Day 2: Dopamine Detoxing, Battling Brain Melt and Defending Attention
  • Day 3: Overwhelm Assassination
  • Day 4: Severing Technology’s Attention Tentacles
  • Day 5: Assembling Your Temple of Flow
  • Day 6: Saying No For Flow
  • Day 7: Active Recovery: Wall Staring For Dopamine Deprivation and Grit Building

Module 6: Optimizing Your Physiology with Positive Psychology

  • Day 1: Positive Psychology Basics
  • Day 2: Relationships as Oxygen and Attitudinal Contagion
  • Day 3: Unlocking the Force of Feedback
  • Day 4: Fueling Your System for Flow
  • Day 5: Building a Peak Performing Body
  • Day 6: High Performance Mindfulness and Gratitude
  • Day 7: Summary and Active Recovery: Yoga Nidra

Module 7: Finalizing Your High Flow Lifestyle

  • Day 1: The Art of the One Day Month
  • Day 2: Leveraging VUCA and Creating Flow Triggers
  • Day 3: Liberation Through Lubrication
  • Day 4: The End of Procrastination and Buttery Execution
  • Day 5: Bedtime Flow and Wake-Up
  • Day 6: Gamifying Elite Performance
  • Day 7: Summary and Active Recovery: Image Rehearsal Therapy

Module 8: Flourishing Over the Long-term, Group Flow and Sabotage

  • Day 1: 80:20 EQ and Group Flow
  • Day 2: Becoming a Group Flow Catalyst
  • Day 3: The 101 on Peak Performance Leadership
  • Day 4: Peak Performance Cognition
  • Day 5: Preventing Self Sabotage
  • Day 6: Mitigating the Dark Side of Flow
  • Day 7: Summary, Completion, and Reflection

NEW! Bonus Material: Distraction Disruptor

  • Welcome to Distraction Disruptor
  • Mission 1: What You’re In For
  • Mission 2: Self Distraction
  • Mission 3: Tech Setting For Flow
  • Mission 4: Tools to Guard Your Attention Against Technology
  • Mission 5: Escaping Tech Slavery
  • Mission 6: Asserting Your Digital Management Practices
  • Mission 7: Peak Performance Over the Long-Haul
  • Bonus Video 1: The Road Map to Success
  • Bonus Video 2: Focus & Flow
  • Bonus Video 3: The Future, Technology & Innovation