The Live Launch Method – Kelly Roach

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Kelly Roach – The Live Launch Method

What you can learn from The Live Launch Method – Kelly Roach?

Your $30,000 investment just plummeted to under $3k. Learn the simple, proven and actionable way to sell millions with this limited time offer! What if I told you going to market with your offer could be fun, simple, and effective?

That you could take one sales formula and use it over and over again (no more reinventing the wheel) to enroll clients by the dozens? That you could launch from any time, anywhere?

Scaling your business takes work. But that work doesn’t have to be hard you can with the live launch method.

People who have had massive success using The Live Launch Method:

  • Leadership Coaches
  • LinkedIn experts
  • Doctors
  • Mindset coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Copywriters
  • VAs
  • Business Coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Agency owner’s
  • Real estate investment coaches
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • Financial consultants
  • Relationship coaches
  • Career Coaches


2 thoughts on “The Live Launch Method – Kelly Roach

  1. Hi everyone. I’m going through this training right now. Almost half way done. Seems like a good way of getting clients for service businesses like Coaching and consulting.


  2. This is a great course – it teaches fantastic skills that help you find serious clients with wads of cache ready to invest it in your services. Learn how to turn them into eager raving fans that just can’t get enough of your knowledge and wisdom… I wish I knew this stuff five years ago, I could have been a millionaire by now. But, it’s never too late. So see you on the penthouse floor!