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Harness These 11 Genius Level Strategies To…
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    • Session #1: Replay Access Immediately After Registration
    • The ONLY 5 Words You’ll Ever Need – To Get The Right Buying Prospects On Your List…
    • The “Ea$y Money” Daily Email Button – Just do this once a day and listen to it will never fail to turn prospects into cash in hand buyers!
    • The $150,000 Thank You Page Trick – You’ll just have to see this, and then HEAR the explaination, but once you do $$$.
    • BONUS: Million Dollar Question – Ask this one question every day, and you’ll make A LOT more money because of it.
    • BONUS: 2X Response For Less Than $10.00 – This one little known $9.95 software tool doubles the responsiveness of your list as soon as you turn it on.

    • Session #2: Replay Access Immediately After Registration
    • Using “The Force” Hidden In Your List – not only does this create a profit windfall, but your list will LOVE you more for it every time you do it.
    • How To Sell Without Selling – Once you know how to do this not only will you make a lot more, but it instantly removes the constant pressure and awkwardness of selling

    • Session #3: Redo, Monday April 28th, 6:30pm EST
    • The Reciprocity Profit Trigger – Once you implement this your prospects will feel guilty if they don’t give you money
    • The 10X Factor – Do this right and your list instantly starts giving you 10X more money…
    • “The Low Hanging Fruit” Response Booster – Not doing this is like leaving $25 out of ever $100 you make on the table. Why would you?

  • Session #4: Monday April 28th, 9:00pm EST
  • The Howard Stern Effect – Just like Howard, you don’t gotta be pretty to get rich, you just gotta do this…
  • The Two Invisible Money Segments: I’ll show you how to tap them, put them on autopilote, and easily double your profits for it…
  • The Multi Million Dollar List Habit: Every single one of my $100,000.00 to $1,000,000+ per month in revenue students uses this (HINT)… By the end our our session, you will be too.
  • Advanced Tactic Propaganda & Mind Control – When I show you this you MUST Promise to only use this ethically.)
  • Your Chance To Win $3,000 Cash LIVE! – I wonder who’s going to be the lucky winner? Will be you? Winner will be revealed live…
  • And I’m sure I’ll end up leaking a few more…


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