Tony Laidig – Deep Dive AI Writing Lab Bundle

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Tony Laidig – Deep Dive AI Writing Lab Bundle

What you can learn from Tony Laidig – Deep Dive AI Writing Lab Bundle?

Write Limitless, Original Books and Articles Using an Emerging AI-Technology SO Powerful, It Had to Be Approved By Congress!

When it comes to writing original books and articles, many people struggle with the process. I know I do! I find that the challenge for many takes on one of just a couple forms:

  • Don’t know how to write.
  • Don’t know what to write about.
  • Don’t have the time to write.

Module 1: People, Prompts & Plots

Every story, whether fiction or non-fiction, needs a starting point. And while you can certainly create those yourself, there are ALSO fun ways to generate ideas you may not have considered!

Module 2: Generating Text Using AI

This is where to REAL fun begins! In Module 2 we will dive deep into 3 different AI writing programs to see how each one works and how they can best serve you in your writing endeavors.

Module 3: Fine-Tuning Your Results

As you would correctly imagine, while AI generated text is often really good, it also gets things wrong at times. We will look at multiple ways to update your results using some cool tech and common sense!