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What you can learn from Travis Stephenson Wealthery Live?

Workshop: Turn Your Passion and 30 hours into a 7 figure business. This two day workshop will arm you with everything you need to start profiting from email.


You need to be able to provide people what they want. In order to this you need to understand who they are, what they want, and put something in front of them (regularly) that can help them solve that problem. Again… building that “know, like, and trust” and you’re doing it without having to pay for ads constantly.

In fact, I heard a story recently of someone who sold a book on how to stop biting your finger nails (seriously) and they made quite a lot of money via email just showing their audience that he had a solution… so you can sell ANYTHING once you know who you’re talking to.

Most people get this part of the process wrong… and therefore have a tough time selling.


We all know YOU want a list… but why should someone opt in to YOUR list? What do they get? Most marketers are short sighted and they don’t build systems that give the audience what THEY WANT… they are too focused on making money instead. You have to have a good incentive or else no one will opt in… which makes email really difficult.

Most people also fail miserably here because they don’t know how to give their audience a good incentive to opt in, and therefore, don’t build a list…


One of the best things I’ve EVER done in my career is create systems that send emails automatically so I don’t have to. They are called “sequences” or “autoresponders” and they are a MAJOR reason for most campaign success I’ve ever had. Broadcasts are wonderful, but I have UNDENIABLE proof that sequences make you more money than broadcasts and there is a VERY good reason for that.

Most people fail here because they don’t use sequences, and if they do, their sequences suck… leading to less sales and therefore less happiness.


Hubspot says that ON AVERAGE you make $42 for every $1.00 you spend on email, but that doesn’t happen INSTANTLY. For some reason people are WAY too focused on trying to put $1.00 into ads and getting $2.00 out (which is tough these days), rather than trying to get as many emails as they can get and turning $1.00 into $42. Really it comes down to being short sighted!

Most people fail here because they are too focused on trying to make $1.00 in profit right now, rather than making $42.00 in profit in a month.