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Tyson 4D – Copywriting Academy

What you can Learn from Tyson 4D – Copywriting Academy?

The 90 Day Copywriting Academy is an in-depth copywriting course composed of 90 lessons. With each lesson you’ll get access to real world examples and assignments every day to solidify your skills. The Academy is designed to take you from copywriting beginner to master in the span of only 90 days.

  • Week 1: Starting The Path To Mastery
  • Week 2: Angles & Ideas
  • Week 3: Structures
  • Week 4: Selling Without Selling
  • Week 5: Understanding Copy For Your Niche
  • Week 6: USP, UM, Story Selling & Imagery
  • Week 7: Writing Killer Free Value For Clients
  • Week 8: Mastering Sales Pages
  • Week 9: Leveraging AI
  • Week 10: Honing In On Opt-in Pages & Webinars
  • Week 11: Different Copy Forms
  • Week 12: Skill Solidification & Application