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Dear Fellow Local Marketer,
Let’s talk about the big problem facing almost every local digital marketer.
Would you agree that figuring out how to get a consistent stream of local clients, reaching out to you -pre -sold is one of the most difficult things in this business?
Maybe you finally pick a local niche that seems like it should be profitable, only to find out that business owners are not willing to pay anywhere near what you are asking?
Perhaps you are still stuck trying to figure out this “SEO” ranking thing and what makes it tick…consistently and with repeatable processes?
Maybe you’ve followed all of the right steps but it still hasn’t quite clicked for you.
Do you ever feel like you are getting close, but your rankings get stuck…just out of sight…or clients are just within your reach but then you never hear from them again?
Or finally getting really good at the technical side but finding out that every single business you contact is sick to death of being sold on “SEO.”
Do you ever feel frustrated as hell and just want to yell at your computer-this sucks?!
I mean there’s nothing worse than spending every last minute you have, putting your family and friends aside-trying to learn digital marketing techniques, only to find out you had it wrong…all along.
You Are Not Alone My Friend. Not By A Long Shot
How do we know? We’ve been exactly where you are at.
But the team at Local Client Takeover has been at this a long time. Some of us have been in digital marketing since 2003.
And in that time we figured out exactly how to go from zero to over 400 clients and…
…exactly what it takes to service that many clients not by yourself, but with an outsourced team.
Now why would that be important?
So that you can enjoy the money that comes in from having a massive agency and not be glued to your computer 24/7.
So that you can finally have a lifestyle oriented business centered around your needs…your family’s needs so you aren’t a slave to your business.
Something We Still Hear Everyday…
Our once little Local Client Takeover group has ballooned to thousands of members.
But you know what we hear every single day? Mark, Brian, Matt
“I can’t seem to land a client or enough clients.”
“I keep getting close to getting sites ranked but then they stall.”
“How do I get clients to come to me instead of having to chase after them?”
“How were you guys able to grow your agencies so large?”
We’ve Heard You Loud And Clear! Introducing Local Profit Breakthrough!
We’ve heard you loud and clear and we wanted to provide a solution to these issues and really all of your digital marketing questions.
So for several months now, the doors to Local Profit Breakthrough have been open.
And in a second we are about to unleash something so big it will send shockwaves through the digital marketing community.
Why Did We Call It Local Profit Breakthrough?
Why? Two reasons…
1. We know that many of you are just on the verge of that breakthrough you need to finally scale digital marketing into a full time, highly profitable, highly lucrative business.
2. Because Local Profit Breakthrough will give you the tools, tips, and shortcut secrets we’ve used to build powerhouse agencies.
NOT SEO businesses. FULL digital marketing agencies. All in one spot.
No Hype, No Fluff, No B.S.
Just real blueprints…real case studies, that show you step-by-step, how to finally get results to build highly profitable, highly sustainable local digital marketing businesses.
Why Listen To Local Client Takeover?
We aren’t some coaches who jump into a program who don’t practice what we preach…who don’t use exactly what we teach.
We’ve all built very large digital marketing agencies.
We are talking 7 figures large.
And best part? We don’t push a bunch of garbage affiliate links on you.
So IF you are ready to stop playing small ball, we are ready to teach you some next level stuff that will blow your mind.
We are going to work with you to create the breakthrough you need…the breakthrough you deserve.
It’s really that simple.
More Clients. More Sales. More Top Results.
So we initially set out to create the best local digital marketing membership and master class on the planet.
One where we not only give you immediate value the second you log in with loads of the best training anywhere…
But also a members area that doesn’t stay static.
I mean who wants to be a member of a site filled with content that never gets added to?
Never gets updated?
Not me. And I suspect not you either.
So every week, we’ve been adding super valuable, 100% actionable content.
Initially we thought we would conduct 2 live webinars a month.
We ended up having such a great time answering everyone’s questions live-that we now host these every week.
But Let Me Be Frank For A Minute
We have big affiliates approach us almost daily wanting to work with us and promote our stuff.
And we have been busy creating stand-alone courses that will eventually get sold on their own and quite possibly promoted by affiliates.
I’m not talking fluff mini -courses either.
I mean things like a brand new 24 module course on conquering the local 3 pack of maps.
A massive course all on the 3 local ranking factors for SERP domination.
Or how about 19 modules on how to land clients all day long?
Maybe you’ve always had questions on the right way to set up and manage PBNs for ridiculous rankings.
Yep we have you covered there too with a full course.
Sure we can promote these as stand-alone products and we will.
The Maps Course alone is about to go live at $197.
But we want everyone in LPB to have an unfair advantage by getting access to these courses first.
And you’ll find those courses plus 13 others right when login.
So What’s Inside Local Profit Breakthrough Right Now You Ask?
The minute you login, you’ll get instant access to the following modules…growing all the time!
1. Local 3 Pack Domination Course (About To Go Live As A Separate Course At $197)
2. Secrets To Client Acquisition
3. 3 Local Ranking Factors That Crush The Serps
4. Pay Per Lead Master Course
5. Smart Prospecting
6. How To Generate Qualified Prospects
7. Ultimate Guide To PBNS
8. Becoming A Marketing Partner For Big Paydays
9. How To Conduct Technical Site Audits
10. Mastering On -Page Optimization
11. Market Research The Right Way
12. Future Proof Link Building
13. Real Marketing, Lead Gen And Funnel Building
14. Understanding Google Analytics
15. Our Complete YouTube Domination Course-This alone has been called the best YouTube ranking course out there.
16. Craigslist Power Ranker training
17. Webinar Replays-All replays are archived so you can watch any week, anytime