Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course

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Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course

What you can learn from Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course?

The Closing & Negotiation Course for Real Estate Agents teaches you the 20+ master negotiation strategies you need to play the game and close the deal from day one.

Unlock the power to close more real estate deals faster and easier than ever before with Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiation Course. This comprehensive course equips you with over 20 master negotiation strategies to confidently navigate any negotiation and drive your real estate sales to new heights.

PART O1 – The CODO Method

  • Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method — his exact formula for closing deals
  • Understand the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation and customize them to WIN in any situation
  • Discover the key factors that influence deals and the CODO Method moves to counter them
  • Eliminate the #1 deal killer: Hesitancy

PART O2 – The Playbook

  • Conquer emotions and FEAR to use them to your advantage in any situation
  • Discover The Funnel Technique to narrow into the exact drivers that will get your client to say YES
  • Learn to play all sides of the court and manage expectation with Ryan’s secret weapon, Jen Alese
  • Learn the key improv skills that will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable

PART O3 – Putting It All Together

  • Follow six strategies to demonstrate power in any negotiation
  • Join Ryan and Myka Meier to learn the key power plays to shift the dynamic of negotiations in your favor
  • Watch a REAL negotiation in progress and analyze how Ryan uses CODO strategies to find the sweet spot
  • Follow in real time as Ryan critiques SERHANT. agents Talia and Savannah as they navigate a REAL negotiation